Our highly skilled technicians will have your garage door functioning in no time. We provide the following service:
  • → Garage door service
  • → Garage door spring repairs
  • → Garage door realignment
  • → Garage door cables
  • → Garage door motors
  • → Garage door panels
  • → Garage door roller replacements
  • → Garage door hinges
  • → Roll-up garage doors
  • → Roller shutter doors
  • → Jammed garage door or roller shutter door

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At Tip Top Garage Doors, we take extreme pride in being specialists in the manufacture, supply, installation, and maintenance of all garage doors, roller shutter doors and industrial doors. We offer a complete and comprehensive range of products and services for all these doors, from motors and hinges to installation and repairs.

Our Values - Why Use Us

Our values are a direct reflection of our company and the way we run our business on a daily basis. Every member of our team understands these values as we work as one to achieve them.

Service Excelence

We promise to give all our clients a high quality of service as treat each client the same. The source of most of our work comes from word of mouth which gives us confidence that we are doing something right.

Product Guarantee

We give a 100% guarantee on all the products we provide to our clients because we have confidence in our quality and our ability as a team.

Industry Experience

We have been fitting garage and roller industrial doors for the better part of a decade. Through the years we have gained enormous amounts of knowledge and experience of which we now use to provide our clients with the quality products and services they expect.

Quick Turn Around Time

We aim to address each new project that we get within a 48 hour turn around window. Whether it’s a new door for a brand-new installation or an existing door repair, our team will get the job done effectively and efficiently.

We consider our values as our business fingerprint which we work extremely hard to leave a positive mark on every job we do. For more information on our range of products or for a free quotation, contact us today by sending your enquiry to info@tiptopgaragedoors.co.za

Who We Are

We started the business in 2004 with a vision to make a difference in the industry by offering a customer-centric and very specialized range of products and services, specialized to garage doors, roller shutter doors, and industrial doors. Since then we have not expanded into other door products but rather continued to focus all of our time, energy and resources on gaining knowledge, experience and expertise in order to fulfil our vision of making a real difference in the industry and the lives of our clients.


With now close to 16 years of experience we have trained and developed a team of highly skilled individuals who are driven and motivated towards providing you with the highest quality products, from doors to parts and spares, and a service that truly surpasses every expectation. We operate in all areas across wider Gauteng, including Pretoria, with a promise to provide you with service excellence and high-quality product delivery throughout our product and service offering.

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We would love the opportunity to make a real difference in your life through the quality of our products and the efficiency of our services. Call us out today for a free inspection or get a quote for a custom-made garage door by simply sending a WhatsApp using the icon below or by calling 076 665 3573

What Makes Us Different

In order to achieve our vision of making a difference in the industry and in the lives of our customers, we ourselves had to be different and identify aspects that were going to differentiate us from our competitors, and then continuously focus on improving and developing them every single day.


From the very beginning, quality was always the most important aspect for us, and we really work hard to ensure that no matter what door we manufacture, supply and install, the quality is always of the highest standard. If the quality is substandard, no matter what else we do right does not matter. Therefore, we ensure the highest quality throughout our product range, including the doors as well as the parts and operating equipment we use.


Complete Offering

We offer a complete range of products as well as a full range of services in the garage, roller shutter, and industrial door industry. We design, manufacture, install, maintain, and repair all of these doors, which allows you to get everything you need from one place.



The one aspect that makes the quality of our products even better, is providing a service that stands out, exceeds expectations, and leaves our clients with a positive experience. We guarantee this type of service excellence with every job we complete, regardless of the size or the scope of the work required.


Honesty & Transparency

Our team at Tip Top Garage Doors consists of highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced individuals. It is our responsibility to use these attributes to provide our clients with our honest and open opinions and to give the best possible advice specific to each client’s needs and requirements.


Hard Work

We truly believe that no matter what, hard work and always giving a perfect effort makes a difference. We ensure to always put our clients and their needs first and work hard to go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

“It’s not just about being better. It’s about being different. You need to give people a reason to choose your business.” – Tom Abbott

We are not saying that we are better, but we are saying that we are different and we would love the opportunity to prove that to you. So, call us today at 076 665 3573 or send us an email at info@tiptopgaragedoors.co.za and let us prove that being different makes us better.

Product Introduction

We offer all the products and accompanying services you need for:
Garage Doors
Roller Shutter Doors
Industrial Doors

Visit our products and services page for more in-depth information on our complete range.

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